Dr. Cesar Presbott: The President

Dr. Cesar Presbott was born in Santo Domingo. He is the fifth of eight surviving children (one died) of Vestitio Presbott and Edita Presbott. Cesar’s childhood was extremely happy and he was well disciplined in religion. Cesar loved sports and his church. Cesar’s parents encouraged their children to study hard and not to be afraid to pursue any career.  Cesar Immigrated to the United States and his first job was working in Macy’s Department Store, Manhattan, New York during the day and taxi driver during the evening. Cesar through his savings was able to assist his parents and siblings to follow him into the United States. Cesar married Dr. Angelica N. Presbott, a medical doctor. They have two daughters and two grandsons. During their annual visits to Santo Domingo Cesar and Angelica glimpsed into the poverty conditions of some towns. It made such a deep impression that they decided to dedicate their lives on serving the poor. They began by supported two elderly individuals (both demised) in the town of Hatomayor for twelve years. Cesar and Angelica worked as a team for over twenty years visiting the poorest towns in Santo Domingo. During the holidays they provide children with gifts and food for the elderly. The Presbotts have touched many people in the United States and Santo Domingo. During the holidays of 2008, Cesar and Angelica provided food and refreshments to over 70 elderly individuals (and their families) who reside at Residential San Lucas in Ingenio Consuelo. They use their own funds without financial support of charities and are joined by voluntary helpers. Cesar and Angelica want to provide more effective help by undertaking future goals of: ambulatory services to transport elderly and ill people to the nearest hospital; provide transportation services by van to the elderly for outdoors recreation activities; and supporting the youth with sport equipment and clothing in order to challenge and discourage preconceived notions of poverty.  Their goal is to help the people who at most at risk!

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