Our Work

The Cesar Presbott Foundation Prides itself in helping the needy people who are handicapped and physically challenged, we have donated wheelchairs and many other items to help facilitate life for those that struggle every day physically, The Cesar Presbott Foundation, has donated equipment like baseball gloves, cleats, bags bats, and the list goes on and on, for those kids who want to play but cannot afford to buy themselves any equipment. The Cesar Presbott Foundation has donated food and clothing for those families and individuals who struggle to live every day including those already in the streets. The Cesar Presbott Foundation has donated toys for those kids in the hospital suffering from Cancer and deadly diseases. To see happy faces on those kids who suffer every day is priceless. The Cesar Presbott Foundation built a home for a lady who lost her home and was in the street with her kids. The Cesar Presbott Foundation was able to build her a home where she now lives with her family! Many of the children that are helped are struggling to figure out their future, every year the Cesar Presbott Foundation holds a Community Tryout to allow these kids to perform in front of Major League Scouts and College Coaches. Last year a kid from ASA college was signed by the Cincinnatti Reds, after participating in this workout and throwing 96MPH. Many of these kids are offered scholarships to go to college where they can achieve an education for Free and not be in debt for a long period of their lives! This is our Mission at the Cesar Presbott Foundation, to make a difference to the people that need us most!

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