Dr. Cesar Presbott and Dr. Angelica Presbott along with the Cesar Presbott Foundation dedicated a page of their website to Kelly Rodman, a pioneer in female scouting and one of only 3 female scouts in Major League Baseball. Kelly was not only a part of the New York Yankee Scouts family, she was a dear friend to both Dr. Cesar Presbott and Dr. Angelica Presbottt. Kelly Rodman always made time to volunteer to help those in need of support whether it was at the Turkey Dinner Giveaway or a Community Baseball Workout or any event that the Cesar Presbott Foundation was having. She was always there helping and showing her support alongside the rest of the wonderful volunteers who gave their time to help those people who need it the most. Kelly showed how much it meant to her to help and participate cause she knew it was for a good cause and she wanted to help make a difference. This showed how much she cared and how big her heart was. Dr. Cesar Presbott and Dr. Angelica along with the  Cesar Presbott Foundation are eternally grateful for her hard work, support, and everything else she did to help! 

Kelly was an inspiration and a hero to all of us because she showed how you can make your dreams come true even if it seems impossible. She lived her dream and was one of only three female scouts in Major League Baseball. She showed with hard work and perseverance, you can make your dreams come true, and she did just that, she was a Scout for the New York Yankees!

Below there is a slide show dedicated to Kelly from the Cesar Pressbott Foundation.

Below the slide show is an article in which the New York Yankees honor her.

Below the article is a video of her being interviewed by the YES network!

Yankees honor trailblazing female scout Kelly Rodman with a moment of silence

The New York Yankees held a moment of silence for scout Kelly Rodman prior to their spring training game Wednesday in Tampa, Florida.

Rodman, who scouted amateur players in the Northeast for the Yankees, died Wednesday, the team announced on Twitter. Rodman, 44, was one of a handful of full-time female scouts working for major league teams.

After playing softball collegiately at Eastern Connecticut State University, Rodman played in the North American Women’s Baseball League in New England, which included playing internationally in the Dominican Republic, Japan and Canada.

Rodman, who also worked at ESPN in the media assets department at one point during her career, attended Major League Baseball’s school for prospective scouts in 2013 and joined the Yankees a year later as an associate scout. She was promoted in 2017.

“As a little girl, I think I always wanted to play baseball or be around the game,” Rodman said last year when she was profiled by YES, the team’s broadcast partner.

She said she fell in love with scouting during the three-week course, and that led to her becoming one of the few female scouts in the game.

“I’ve never been discouraged being a woman scout or, as I just like to say, scout,” she said on YES. “I’m here to be a scout, to get the best players, to work in baseball, to do my thing.”

In 2019, she was one of the team’s representatives at the annual amateur draft.

She told YES that she was very proud to be a scout for the Yankees.

“It’s about the people that take care of you, and for me that’s the New York Yankees, and [that’s] why I love them so much,” Rodman said. “I’m proud to be one of those baseball people.”

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