About The Cesar Presbott Foundation

The Cesar Presbott Foundation is supported by MLB Players like Dilan Betances from the New York Yankees, Robinson Canoe from the New York Mets, former players like Alfonso Soriano, Cecil Fielder, Darryl Strawberry, and many others. The Cesar Presbott Foundation is supported by many MLB Scouts, Politicians, and important Dignitaries. This is a special group that is united to help support The Cesar Presbott Foundation and its cause to help the people in need. The Cesar Presbott Foundation is looking for more support so that more people can be helped. Everybody needs help from time to time but the people who worry about when they are getting their next meal or the basic necessities to survive, like the homeless, the needy kids, the elderly, the special needs, and the list goes on and on, are the people the Cesar Presbott Foundation target and focus on to help them in their time of need!

The Cesar Presbott Foundation Inc. (CPF) is committed to developing an institution that provides resources, sports, education, and grounds for the community. CPF will not only supply space and materials but will also ensure a safe environment where the participants and the program itself will learn and grow. Along with the institution’s development, CPF stands to provide the community (schools, outreach programs, etc) with the resources to provide better services to the elderly, the kids, and the people in need!

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