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Cesar Presbott to be honored and recognized by the New York State Baseball Hall of Fame along with others who have distinguished themselves in the game of baseball, the list of honorees are the following: NYY Scout Cesar Presbott, Tino Martinez, Lou Piniella, Goose Gosage, Carl Erskine, Jerry Goosman, Gil Hodges, Mike Pagliarulo, John Morris, Kevin Kernan, Victor Field, Jim Gates, Gene Michael.

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Greater New York Sandlot Athletic Alliance NEWS

GNYSAA President Vic Feld to be inducted into New York State Baseball Hall of Fame

New York State Baseball Hall of Fame seeks to honor and recognize those who have distinguished themselves in the game of baseball. NYSBHOF will be honoring the 2020 honorees on August 15 2021. The 2020 class includes Tino Martinez, Lou Piniella, Goose Gossage,, Carl Erskine, Jerry Koosman, Gil Hodges, Mike Pagliarulo, John Morris, Kevin Kernan, Victor Feld, Jim Gates, Gene Michael, NYY Scout Cesar Presbott.

The Greater New York Sandlot Athletic Alliance is proud to announce the well deserved recognition of our President Victor Feld to the New York Baseball Hall of Fame. Victor and the other 2020 inductees will be honored and recognized for their contribution to New York Baseball on August 15, 2021 at the Hilton Hotel Troy, N.Y.. We hope you will be able to attend this ceremony for this group of distinguished honorees of the game of baseball.Tickets are available $100.00 per ticket and rooms available for overnight stays. To attend the Induction dinner email Vic at

Victor Feld is a lifelong Nassau County resident whose love of baseball began in his childhood. He has been involved in Sandlot baseball as a player, parent, coach, administrator, mentor and friend for 68 years. Since his retirement from his day job he has become even more committed to The Greater New York Sandlot Athletic Alliance (GNYSAA), where he has been a member for 40 years and whose motto for 80 years is to serve New York City Kids through baseball.

Vic started his adult baseball life as a parent and coach at Dwarf-Giraffe Athletic League (DG) in Whitestone Queens. He then went on to coach in the Long Island Connie Mack League and went to three regionals. There he also met Ray Church who was a mentor and friend and brought him into the GNYSAA family. His coaching career has been one that has taken him all over the country and where he has had success at many levels. He has been involved with Division 1 and Division 2 College Programs and has been both a High School and College Recruiter.

Since 2005, he has been President of the GNYSAA where he has worked diligently to grow the breadth and reputation of the organization. His work along with that of the GNYSAA Board (a board with 275 years of sandlot baseball experience) has grown the organization from a New York City Metropolitan Area program to one with a national reputation. The GNYSAA has built relationships with all professional, college, high school and sandlot levels which include Major League Baseball and USA Baseball. These relationships have helped the GNYSAA with its most important jobs of giving kids the opportunity to play, continuing their educations and getting opportunities to play and participate at the high school and college levels. Vic has affected the lives of thousands of players in a positive way and continues to do so today.

Vic and his wife Stephanie have three children, Anthony, Laurie and Charles and five loving grandchildren. The only thing that is more important to Vic than baseball is his family and he lives for both.

Dr. Cesar Presbott and Dr. Angelica Presbott Along With The Cesar Presbott Foundation Dedicate a Page on their Website In Memory of New York Yankee Scout Kelly Rodman

Dr. Cesar Presbott and Dr. Angelica Presbott along with the Cesar Presbott Foundation dedicated a page of their website in memory of New York Yankee Scout Kelly Rodman, a pioneer in female scouting and one of only 3 female scouts in Major League Baseball. Kelly was not only a part of the New York Yankee Scouts family, she was a dear friend to both Dr. Cesar Presbott and Dr. Angelica Presbottt. Kelly Rodman always had time to volunteer to help those in need of support whether it was at the Turkey Dinner Giveaway or a Community Baseball Workout, she was always there helping and showing her support. Kelly always volunteered her time and along with the rest of the wonderful volunteers who helped give their time to help those people who needed it the most. Kelly showed how much it meant to her to help and participate and this showed how much she cared and how big her heart is. Dr. Cesar Presbott and Dr. Angelica and the Cesarpresbottfoundation are eternally grateful for her hard work, support and everything else she did to help! 

Kelly was an inspiration and hero to all, especially women, because she showed how you can make your dreams come true even if it seems impossible. She lived her dream, and was one of only three female scouts in Major League Baseball. She showed with hard work and perseverance, you can make your dreams come true, and she did just that, she was a Scout for the New York Yankees!

Below is an article in which the New York Yankees honor her. Below is a video of her being interviewed by the YES network! Finally there is a slide show dedicated to Kelly from Cesarpressbott Foundation.

Kelly touched everyone she met in a special way, though she left us much sooner than expected, I’m sure she’s in Heaven as An Angel doing GOD’s Work and Making a Difference Like She Did When She Was Here With Us!

Click the Link Below To See Kelly Rodman Memorial Page:

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Latest Slide Show Pictures From The Cesar Presbott Foundation

Cesar Presbott Foundation Turkey Giveaway Videos and Pictures,

Watch Them Below.

Dr. Cesar Presbott Interviewed by Greg Thompson From News 12 Bronx During the Cesar Presbott Foundation Turkey Drive, Where Over 1300 Turkey Dinners Were Given To Families In Need.

The Cesar Presbott Foundation Gave Away Over 1300 Turkey Dinners To Families In Need, At The 10th Annual Cesar Presbott Foundation Turkey Drive. Below Is A Video Created By Nick Sing, Showing Pictures And Videos Of the Event.

Below are pictures of the Cesar Presbott Foundation Turkey Drive Giveaway where over 1300 Turkey Dinners were given away. The Cesar Presbott Foundation, want to thank all the wonderful people who was involved in donating the turkeys, soda and any food for the dinners. They want to thank all the wonderful volunteers, who helped with their valuable time to prepare and handout the dinners to the families in need. The Cesar Presbott Foundation gives praise to GOD, for having so many caring people working together that day all for one cause to give food and help those families that need it the most. Thanks to the Cesar Presbott Foundation and the volunteers over 1300 families had a Thanksgiving Dinner!


rian Cashman, Bernie Williams, Ray Negron and both Dr. Cesar Presbott, and wife, Dr. Angelica Presbott, are in the Movie, “Bottom of the 9th”, released on July 19th by Saban Films. Brian Cashman and Bernie Williams played themselves in the movie, Ray Negron, played an Assistant Coach, Dr. Cesar Presbott, played the 3rd Base Coach and Dr. Angelica Presbott played a Fan in the Stands.

Botttom of the 9th, orignially titled “Stano”, is an American Drama Film Directed by Raymond De Filitta, from a screenplay by Robert Bruzio. It stars Joe Manganietllo, Sofia Vergara, Michail Rispoli and Denis O’Hare.

About The Movie

After a confrontation with a local gang results in an accidental fatality, a once-promising baseball player who had signed with the New York Yankees, spends the next 17 years in prison. Upon his release, he returns to his Bronx Neighborhood and seeks redemption, landing a job assisting his former minor league coach, rekindling his old relationship and maybe even getting a second chance at the age of 38 to play his way back to the major leagues.

Below are the reviews and the links from the New York Times and from the Hollywood Reporter, respectively:

If you are interested in renting or owning this film you can purchase it or rent it, on Amazon Prime Video, YouTube Movies or any other streaming company.

The following list of people are in the movie:

Brian Cashman, Played himself Brian Cashman,

Bernie Williams, Played himself Bernie Williams.

Ray Negron, Played the Assistant Coach.

Dr. Cesar Presbott, Played the Third Base Coach.

Dr. Angelica Presbott, Played a Fan in the stands.

Below are scenes and pictures, that show the aforementioned individuals playing their part in the movie.

Pictures From The Movie, The Bottom of the 9th

“Guardian Angel In Our Lives”

A Letter written by, Jenny Friedberg,

Thanking Dr. Cesar Presbott for Changing both her and her son’s life.


irst let me say that you have been a Guardian Angel in our lives and especially in my son’s Nico. When he was six years old he picked up a baseball bat and never put it down. It has been a passion since then – a flame fanned by both me and by his extraordinary grandmother – but, ultimately it has been his true love. With that said, during the spring and summer of 2018, he’s been suffering from low self esteem due to a learning disability and social pressures, turned to substances to make him feel better about himself. He was using heavily for a few months before he quickly turned to being the provider of those substances to his friends. It was a dark time!

I sent him away for the summer and he regained his health and sanity but I was not sure if I could bring him home, ultimately I decided to give him another chance because I love him. I was scared. I knew in order for him to make it back at home and to be not be influenced by the same forces that took him down the wrong path, he would need tremendous support and a wall of baseball around him. By the Grace of God, I reconnected with Ray Negron during this period and he introduced us to you Cesar.

You came all the way from the Bronx to South Brooklyn see Nico- a kid you didn’t know. You looked at him for a few minutes and then took me aside and said – “All I see is a normal kid. Forget about ADHD and forget about what happened, Now we will work.”, and you did! You made effort to spend time with him and we have kept in touch ever since. Before you left the batting cages that day, you went to see all of the other kids that were playing there. I heard you say “I will tell them, The Yankees Are Here.” Having grown up a huge fan, it was a magical moment, but not because of the Yankees hat and ring, but because I saw the heart of generosity in you and the true love you have for these kids.

Thank You. That day changed our lives and has motivated Nico and me ever since, in way words cannot express. It was no accident that we met you – only an Angel could have sent you!

This summer Nico played at Stanford, Duke, Harvard, and Columbia. He did Multiple show cases and played with both his old and his new travel team from Brooklyn to Ohio and back again.

Nico knows how hard he needs to work. He also knows that a tiny fraction of young men will become professional, but he is focused. He also determined over this year that if a professional course of baseball isn’t possible, he will follow an education of Physical Therapy, committing to being around baseball for the rest of his life.

I can only say that this is a Miracle especially given where we were a year ago. I cannot enough express my gratitude to you and to the inspiration you provided and continue to provide. I feel so deeply that we were meant to meet you, it has changed the way I think about everything. We will be at your service as you need us and most especially for the Cesar Presbott Foundation Turkey Drive.

You are a humble wonderful, inspiring person. Thank You for helping to show us that out of darkness can only come Light! God Bless You, Our Friend!

With My Warmest Regards and Respect, Jenny Friedberg.

Negron: Yankee Loyalty and Support Keep Scouts Strong

By: Ray Negron


any years ago, George Steinbrenner told me that the key to winning championships was to have great scouts out in the field amassing the best information possible.

In the 1970s, he was armed with the best scouts in the game. That roster included Gary Walker and the great Birdie Tibbetts. It’s no coincidence that the Yanks signed so many great free agents and in turn won three AL Pennants and two World Championships. They also had terrific scouts at the amateur levels. Scouts that were very proud of working for the Yanks and in turn were always looking for that diamond in the rough. The brilliant skills of these scouts helped the Yanks get some terrific talent, despite the fact they were winning and weren’t getting high draft picks.

Forty years later, the quality of scouting in the organization, from the Major League level to the amateur ranks, has only gotten better. The pride that these scouts exemplify, even today, is remarkable because of how proud they are in being associated with the Yankees. They come across much different than scouts in other organizations. There is just a special attitude that they seem to inherit.

Two of those prideful people are veteran scout Cesar Presbott and the Yankees’ first female scout, Kelley Rodman. Both of these scouts truly do understand the importance of their jobs. They get up every morning and can’t wait to see who they might find that day. They are not afraid to follow a hunch. They are also not afraid to show people, especially kids, that they also have a heart and not everything is so matter of fact. 

They’re not not afraid to give a kid with a dream, some hope. Sometimes maybe more than warranted. Sometimes they’re even willing to throw some batting practice or hit some ground balls after their coaches have gone home, because they see something that their coach may not have and they don’t want to step on the coach’s toes.

Baseball needs more people like Cesar and Kelley in this great game. We have good people in the game, however the great ones are far and few between.

This weekend MLB scouting was honoring me for my community service in baseball however I felt that the ones that needed to be honored was Cesar and Kelley. In the last year, Kelley was diagnosed with cancer and has lost her beautiful hair, yet she came to the ceremony and stood there with the pride of a champion and a true Yankee.

Cesar was dealing with a heart ailment a month ago and all he could think about, while in the hospital, was how long before I can get back on the field to do my job.

That’s the Yankee way!

While giving my speech, I said that I was more proud of the Yankees now, than at any time in my long association with the organization. When Cesar was down and hurting he got calls from team officials Damon Oppenheimer and Matt Hyde. Both men let Cesar know that he had nothing to worry about. They told him to just get healthy so that ‘you can get back in the field doing what you do best.’ I also understand that they have shown the same wonderful respect and support to Kelley.

I think the Boss would be very proud because this has always been the “Steinbrenner-Yankee way.”

The President: Dr. Cesar Presbott


Dr. Cesar Presbott is the President of the Cesar Presbott Foundation, He has been the Yankee Head Scout for over 20 years. Inducted to the Scout Hall of Fame June 23, 2005. A person who loves his religion, who worked hard from the minute he came to the United States from San Pedro De Marcaris, Santo Domingo. He held two jobs and cause of his passion and dedication to the sport it allowed him to overcome many obstacles to make his dreams come true. This is a message he always tells the kids. He married the lovely Dr. Angelica Presbott, both of whom share the same vision to dedicate their lives to help the poor at risk kids and elderly, both here in the United States and the Dominican Republic. They both has spent their time and own money to accomplish this Goal!

More About The President

About The Cesar Presbott Foundation

Dr. Cesar and Angelica Presbott Always Helping the Community

Dr. Cesar and Angelica Presbott Helping A Special Needs Girl

The Cesar Presbott Foundation is led by Dr. Cesar Presbott, President and Dr. Angelica Presbott, Vice President. They are two of the most wonderful, caring, understanding people, and they lead this organization by example. They know that GOD our father always leads the way and everybody including the people in need are all our brothers and sisters. The Presbotts has spent countless hours and a tremendous amount of their own money because both believe in the cause of helping the needy, both here in the United States and in the Dominican Republic, especially the young kids and the elderly who are the ones who suffer the most and with the most risk! This organization is a family who stick together for one cause and that is to help as many people in need. The board members include businessman, politicians, athletes, scouts, and many others who all do their best to help this organization knowing that the people who benefits are the people in need. The People who are part of the Cesar Presbott Foundation, will always work hard together to achieve the goal of helping as many people in need as possible!

More About The Cesar Presbott Foundation

Our Work


Our Mission at the Cesar Presbott Foundation is to help the needy with the needed resources to survive in life like food, facilities, services and last year we donated full functioning Ambulance This Ambulances were shipped overseas to the Dominican Republic where there was no emergency vehicle at the time. These Ambulances are now being used for life and death situations, and the Cesar Presbott Foundation is Proud to had helped.  In life. Many of the people the Cesar Presbott Foundation help are struggling just to eat everyday. This is why The Cesar Presbott Foundation Turkey Drive is so Important. The last Turkey Drive The Cesar Presbott Foundation gave away over 1000 Turkey Dinners, which included a 20 lb. Turkey, Soda, Jam and Bread. Our Goal for that day is to provide a meal to as many families who could not afford to eat a Thanksgiving Meal without our help! On the day of Thanksgiving everybody should have a meal which they can enjoy with family and friends, and the Cesar Presbott Foundation was able to help over 1000 families.

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