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Dr. Cesar Presbott is the President of the Cesar Presbott Foundation, He has been the Yankee Head Scout for over 20 years. Inducted to the Scout Hall of Fame June 23, 2005. A person who loves his religion, who worked hard from the minute he came to the United States from San Pedro De Marcaris, Santo Domingo. He held two jobs and cause of his passion and dedication to the sport it allowed him to overcome many obstacles to make his dreams come true. This is a message he always tells the kids. He married the lovely Dr. Angelica Presbott, both of whom share the same vision to dedicate their lives to help the poor at risk kids and elderly, both here in the United States and the Dominican Republic. They both has spent their time and own money to accomplish this Goal!

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Dr. Cesar and Angelica Presbott Always Helping the Community

Dr. Cesar and Angelica Presbott Helping A Special Needs Girl

The Cesar Presbott Foundation is led by Dr. Cesar Presbott, President and Dr. Angelica Presbott, Vice President. They are two of the most wonderful, caring, understanding people, and they lead this organization by example. They know that GOD our father always leads the way and everybody including the people in need are all our brothers and sisters. The Presbotts has spent countless hours and a tremendous amount of their own money because both believe in the cause of helping the needy, both here in the United States and in the Dominican Republic, especially the young kids and the elderly who are the ones who suffer the most and with the most risk! This organization is a family who stick together for one cause and that is to help as many people in need. The board members include businessman, politicians, athletes, scouts, and many others who all do their best to help this organization knowing that the people who benefits are the people in need. The People who are part of the Cesar Presbott Foundation, will always work hard together to achieve the goal of helping as many people in need as possible!

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Our Mission at the Cesar Presbott Foundation is to help the needy with the needed resources to survive in life like food, facilities, services and last year we donated full functioning Ambulance This Ambulances were shipped overseas to the Dominican Republic where there was no emergency vehicle at the time. These Ambulances are now being used for life and death situations, and the Cesar Presbott Foundation is Proud to had helped.  In life. Many of the people the Cesar Presbott Foundation help are struggling just to eat everyday. This is why The Cesar Presbott Foundation Turkey Drive is so Important. The last Turkey Drive The Cesar Presbott Foundation gave away over 1000 Turkey Dinners, which included a 20 lb. Turkey, Soda, Jam and Bread. Our Goal for that day is to provide a meal to as many families who could not afford to eat a Thanksgiving Meal without our help! On the day of Thanksgiving everybody should have a meal which they can enjoy with family and friends, and the Cesar Presbott Foundation was able to help over 1000 families.

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